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    Intel AC 7260 bluetooth: can't receive on Shuttle mini-PC a file sent from Samsung GS5 smartphone


      Hi !

      I equiped in december 2014 a Shuttle XH97V mini-PC with an Intel Wireless-AC 7260 mini card.

      This mini-PC has Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits as OS.

      I installed the following drivers from Intel:

      - Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for Windows 8.1 V. 17.13.11 (name of file: Wireless_17.13.11_De164.exe)

      - Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth technology for Windows 8.1 V. 17.1.1409.01 (name of file: WP-BT_17.1.1409.01-e164.exe).

      This card is almost fully functional on the barebone: for instance I can use WiFi to access Internet, I can also use a Plantronics Marque 2 Bluetooth Headset.

      I encounter a problem when using Bluetooth to communicate between the mini-PC and Samsung smartphones (either Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S5): I can pair the PC and the smartphone, I can send a file from the PC to the smartphone (on the smartphone a pop-up appears asking me if I agree to receive a file and the file is transferred as soon as I say "yes") but I cannot receinve on the PC a file sent from the smartphone.

      To give more details, I select for instance a picture on my phone, I touch the picture and decide to send it by bluetooth, a list of possible devices (paired) appears on the phone screen and I select the PC thus initiating the transfer...and in fact nothing happens on the PC, not even a window opens to ask if I accept a transfer coming from the paired smartphone. To see a little more, on the PC monitor, I can go on the right side of the Windows task bar and ask to display bluetooth parameters; once on this bluetooth parameters window, I select the rightset tab "shared folders" and then "open reception window"; then I have a new window "received files"; on this window, as soon as I send the file on the smartphone a line appears giving the name of the file to be transferred, and saying "user request" (therefore, the PC and smartphone communicate) but nothing happens (size of the file is not edited) and finally "user request" is replaced by "not received".

      Does someone have a clue to make this transfer work ? The PC and the smartphone communicate as stated above, but the file seems blocked...(it is weird that no window pops up on the PC to ask if I accept the transfer...).