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    IoT Analytics API?




           I am working with the Intel IoT cloud, and having trouble finding the documentation I need.


           I'm creating a new component in python following this example: https://github.com/enableiot/iotkit-samples/blob/master/api/python/iotkit_client.py


           When I register a component (like temperature, or humidity), the datatype defaults to integer, and I need it to be float.


           The relevant code is below, I just need to know what other values are possible to pass into the component dictionary, I tried "format": "Integer" and a few other shots in the dark with no luck.


           Can anyone point me in the direction of more relevant documentation?


      Thank you!


        url = "{0}/accounts/{1}/devices/{2}/components".format(base_url, account_id, device_id)
        component = {
         "type": component_type_name,
         "name": name,
         "cid": str(uuid.uuid4())
        data = json.dumps(component)
        resp = requests.post(url, data=data, headers=get_device_headers(), proxies=proxies, verify=verify)
        check(resp, 201)
        js = resp.json()
         return js["cid"]