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    Please restore NUC BIOS navigation of Performance Pages to that of BIOS Version 0027 or earlier.


      Dear Intel VisualBios


      I now note in -




      "BIOS Version 0028 - WYLPT10H.86A.0028.2014.0814.1906

      About This Release:


      New Fixes/Features:


      Updated Visual BIOS to version 2.2.8.

      Fixes include:


      Updated performance pages to support simplified needs of

      NUC products going forward."


      ..............more like _PRODUCTS_GOING_BACKWARD_


      From this statement it seems to me that your company clearly does not understand why a customer would pay the same money for your plain looking bare-bones PC as would cost to buy a well polished laptop or netbook.... It is the same reason that in a previous generation car companies in your country failed to understand why people would buy a VW beetle instead of their product.


      It is the reason I pay a premium to buy a top end "K" series CPU and then don't over-clock it. It is about not hiding their light (in this case Intel's engineering) under a bushel (in this case advanced settings in a bios now hidden by the user interface). I am quite wealthy enough to buy a really quite nice Apple laptop, a great deal more polished than an Intel NUC, but I _want_ to see what is under the hood of what is now _my_property_ and the _freedom_ to add parts to it and adjust it _if_ and when _I_ wish, not when some large ugly yank company may deem fit to permit me to do so.


      I fear Intel is in danger of making a "Ford Edsal" and finally doing an "MGM Grand" to themselves.


      Respectfully yours,


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