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    S2600GZ RAID upgrade


      We are using S2600GZ as our main server platform with its onboard Intel RST RAID and WD 10krpm SATA drives (RAID10). All servers are running Hyper-V role and Win/Linux virtual machines.


      I'm trying to figure out if upgrading to an PCIe controller like RMS25PB080 would have any performance benefits when using these types of drives? It did an ATTO benchmark and it _seems_ to me that there could be some more performance from these disks. We're also going to use SSD-s in RAID1 or RAID10 configuration, will we benefit from using RMS25PB080?

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          There should be a performance gain between the onboard solution and the use of a hardware RAID solution as you are going to have more dedicated resources for the RAID.  You may find useful information about our RAID controllers here.


          You might want to contact our pre-sales team to find out how much benefit you are going to get when using one controller over the other.

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            Would a controller like RS3DC080 pick up the existing RAID configuration from the C600 series onboard controller?
            What are the benefits of choosing an Intel raid controller over a LSI one, when the hardware specs are the same?