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    How to find motherboard serial number


      I have a two year old Arbico PC with an ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard, and I'm having problems installing patch "Intel USB 3.0 Driver V for Windows Win7 32bit & Win7 64bit---(WHQL)". I got the patch from http://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/P8Z77V_LX/HelpDesk_download/


      All attempts at getting support fail at the question "Serial Number". I don't have one, and recommendations to find it on the box are doomed; I never had the box... and even if I did, I've lost it by now. Or the dog's chewed it (My faithful dog, Polly, chewed the last ever letter I got from the US Internal Revenue Service. I was in the process of moving house, and I've never heard back from the IRS since... GOOD dog!)


      The problem I encountered was that the patch failed to install one of the drivers. It had no problem deleting my existing driver, but when the patch failed, it left me with no driver for my keyboard/mouse. 5 minutes later, Windows Power Saving turned off my displays, leaving me in a bit of a pickle... I eventually recovered by using Remote Desktop Connection from my HP Proliant server, and then using  System Restore to rollback the failed driver update.


      This (paradoxically) seems to have fixed my USB3 issues, but I really should try to get that patch applied. I suspect that my USB3 problem went away because I changed my USB3 configuration (I removed a 7-port Powered USB hub).


      Is there any way of finding out which driver caused the patch to abort, and why?


      Is there some other way of updating the drivers

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          I suggest asking the motherboard manufacturer in regards of the driver versions they provide. However, if you can certainly try this one: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=21129

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            Thank you for your suggestion, but I've given up on applying USB3 driver updates for the time being.  Every time I apply one, my USB2 drivers get "damaged" and I have to go through the rigmarole of System Restore.  My keyboard/mouse is USB2, and they stop working. 5 minutes later, Windows Power Saving turns off my displays (no "activity")... so that makes it more difficult (but a quite interesting challenge for someone like me, on the downhill side).


            Normally, I'd not be able to forget about the drivers, and I'd just keep going until I found a solution. But my SSD C: drive came to the rescue, by reporting "Remaining Life:0".  That got my attention, and I've worked on that ever since. I'm planning to swap in the new/larger SSD some time after 09:00. See: Phases of the Day for my reason.

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              Decide whether you want to find out the name and model of your motherboard without opening up your computer. Sometimes, opening the case of your computer may void your warranty. Sometimes, the model number is not printed on your motherboard in an easy-to-read form.


              Check the documentation that came with your computer. Most of the time, the company that sold you your computer will list all the components inside. If your concern is that you didn’t get the motherboard you paid for, you will have to resort to other means to double-check.


              Open your case and take a good look at your motherboard. You may want to use a magnifying glass because everything in your computer is very small. Look between the expansion slots where expansion cards typically go. These slots are a few inches long with metal teeth inside. Many times, the model number and maker are printed between the slots. Check near your processor. If necessary, remove the motherboard to ensure the information is not being blocked by a cable or expansion card.


              Identify your motherboard by checking the BIOS. Each motherboard has a BIOS that tells it how to operate, and these are generally unique. You will see your BIOS on setup or can get it through your Control Panel settings. Websites such as Wimsbios will check your BIOS for you over the Internet.


              Contact the manufacturer of your PC if all else fails. The information may be listed on the manufacturer's website. Contact a customer service representative with your question; they should be able to refer to your records and determine the hardware in your computer.

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                Thanks for the details on finding the motherboard serial number.  I'm sure my PC is out of warranty, and I'm going in later today anyway (my SSD boot/C: drive reported "Remainig Life:0".  After my tussle with my USB3 drivers, I know how it feels...)


                Wimsbios is very helpful. I already had a free copy of BIOSAgentPlus installed. I'll probably go that route after things quieten down a little (all of the updates/system restores pushed my SSD boot/C: drive into "Remaining Life:0" ...)


                BIOSAgentPlus identifies 27 updates, including BIOS, Chipset, USB2 and USB3 drivers.  Should the order of application matter? Trying to install the USB3 driver updates in isolation has ended in System Restore every time I've tried, so far. I'm wondering how to resolve dependancy issues.


                I have to say, though, that removing my external powered 7-port USB3 hub has "fixed" all of my problems, and everything is currently working to my satisfaction (apart from the devices plugged into that USB3 hub, and I was sunsetting those anyway). So please don't expend any effort on this issue.  I may be back later, depending on my own "Remaining Life"...