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    Delivering power to USB ports


      I have a NUC D54250WYK computer, running Windows 7, SP 1 (64 bit).


      The board has 4 USB3 ports, and 2 on-board USB2 ports. 6 devices are connected to the (6) USB ports. After Windows has started up, I often see that one or more devices is not working for the first several seconds. For example, the mouse could be “disabled” for 5-10 seconds after Windows has completed its startup; it then would become alive by itself and work correctly. Other times, it would be another device "not working" for the first 5-10 seconds.


      It looks like when the NUC starts up, it does not have enough power to distribute to all USB devices at once; it therefore "grants" power to some USB devices, and leaves the others for "later".

      Am I correct ?

      Can anybody recommend how to analyze or cope with this problem ?


      Thanks to all.