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    CPU Upgrades


      Hello All,

      With the release or upcoming release of desktop/server Broadwell CPUs, will I be able to upgrade a September 2013 Mac Pro with either a Broadwell i7 or a Broadwell-E?  I am wondering whether I should wait for a new Mac Pro with built in Broadwell CPU, at the cost of my first born or for a lower price of just my left arm, or buy a refurbished Mac Pro now and upgrade it later.


      Thanks for your comments.


      okayson (newbie)

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          Hello Okayson, thanks for joining the processor community.


          I’m afraid to inform you that upgrading older systems to a Broadwell processor is not going to be possible.

          The reason is because all Broadwell processors are in the BGA package, which means that they will be soldered to the motherboard. 



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            Thanks for the prompt response.  I would just like to clarify that I am
            talking about desktop systems, not laptop systems.  I was referring to
            upgrading the Mac Pro (cylindrical desktop), which like most desktops I
            know come with upgradeable CPUs.  Are you saying that starting with
            Broadwell, there will be no upgrade for desktops?




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              No Okayson, future products will come in socketed versions, but compatibility with older sockets and motherboards have not been announced.