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    Intel Edison and 4G/LTE modem?




      I'm thinking of making a drone with use of Intel Edison however make it controllable trough mobile internet, so it could stream real time picture and be limited only be mobile network  coverage and obviously battery live time, but such streaming would require fast channel like 4G/LTE

      Is there any shield or modem or anything what support LTE for Intel Edison? I found this article in internet where it says:

      Edison provides good connectivity for many current mainstream IoT uses: OEMs often turn to WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy links for IoT applications first, given their relatively high bandwidth and low power consumption. What if you want to add mobile connectivity to to your tiny IoT device (mobility, reliability, and security)? Intel has also solution to it in mind. Intel announced a 3G cellular modem XMM 6255 with an integrated power amplifier that fits into a 300 mm2 footprint, claiming it is the smallest such chip (proves 3G and 2G connections). Intel targets the XMM 6255 at Internet of Things uses in areas such as healthcare monitors and advertising. The modem iscurrently shipping in modules from U-blox AG. For LTE you can use XMM 7260 modem (used in Samsung Galaxy Alpha).

      But i cant find it, is it on sale? is the a shield with XMM 7260 and SIM card slot?