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    Processor frequency stuck at around 2,40 ghz despite idling for over 40 mins




      I'm not comfortable with to much manual settings for anything CPU related but my NUC seems to be stuck in power boost high voltage mode. I've loaded the default settings in bios but it didn't help. The CPU usage is <2% and I've been monitoring the CPU temp and clock speed in XTU and it is not going below 2,38 ghz. The temp is now 45°C down from 60°C when I was doing some heavy tasks but the clock speed has been stuck at 2,38-2,40 ghz for at least 40 mins now.


      My setup is:
      NUC D54250WYKH
      Samsung 840EVO 120 gb
      8 gb RAM Kingston


      Thanks for any help, don't want to put unnecessary wear on the CPU when I don't use it, but I prefer to not shutting it down because of dropbox sync.