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    Making in the 21st Century - December issue IEEE Computer Magazine


      Intel's very own futurist, Brian David Johnson was invited to guest edit the December issue of the IEEE Computer Magazine.  The subject focused on Making in the 21st Century.  It pulled together a broad view of making starting with traditional approaches but also stretched to look at business, science, education, art, culture and technology.


      The IEEE was so happy with the issue that they have decided to make it the one issue this year they give away FREE for download: http://bit.ly/1Im0IuN

      To accompany the issue a series of 13 podcasts were recorded with the authors.  They can be listened to FREE here: http://bit.ly/1GZrzME


      There are amazing contributions from across Intel including: Susan Faulkner (Woman who Make), Melissa Gregg (Making a Difference Across Cultures), Jim St. Leger (Making the Next-Gengineers), Matt Yurdana (To Make is to Think – a poem!) and Brian Krzanich (A CEO who Knows how to Make).