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    how to fix 2d clock in 3d applications?


      Hello community,


      I own an acer V3 371 running an Intel core i3 4158U with Iris 5100 graphics. I tried to run the game Path of Exile on this Notebook, but experienced bad performance (games like Castlevania 5 run smooth at 720p).

      After I took a look into the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility, I recognized the Graphics clock stays at 399 Mhz, which is the lowest power state inside windows.

      Game is patched to the newest version, tried windowed mode, reinstall and fiddled with energy management options inside windows 8.1... clock stays at 399Mhz. Castlevania 5 in comparison will force Iris to 900-1050 Mhz clock.

      Is this a known issue to some other applications? And do you have any suggestions on how to fix that? The game isnt listed on the official Intel compatibility list. Is there some kind of 3D Profile Setup i can put the .exe into? Or do you know an application that can force the graphics clock of Intel iGPUs?


      Profiles inside the common graphics driver menu didnt fix that and I already updated to graphics driver version (afaik october 2014).

      Also tried to undervolt Core, Cache and GPU to bypass energy limits. CPU stays now at 2Ghz, but no effect on GPU clocks.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hello AcerV3, thanks for joining the Intel Graphics community.


          I’m afraid to tell you that this processor cannot be overclock since it is not an unlocked processor.

          Regarding the performance of the game, it could be that Castlevania 5 is sending some command lines requesting additional features to the processor that POE (Path of Exile) is not doing.



          I would recommend you to check if you can disable some advance feature from the game, and check if the performance increase. Also, if you have another system, please try to use the game on it in order to check if the behavior persisted, maybe one running Windows 7.



          I found this forum from users experiencing the same behavior, please check it out. http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?660514-Game-running-slow-Try-these...

          In addition and since the other game is working smooth, I suggest you to contact the game developer for additional information.