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    S2600CP P4308CMHEN Fan Noise


      Halo to all,


      I have an Intel Server P4308CMHEN with the S2600CP.

      Board Information: Product Name : S2600CP | Serial Number: QSCP35000469 | Part/Model Number : E99552-510 | FRU File ID : FRU Ver 1.00


      I recently updated the BIOS to the latest, 02.03.0003BMC6580, and the update was successful

      This update package includes the following system software updates:

      - System BIOS - 02.03.0003 - ME Firmware - - BMC Firmware - 01.21.6580 - FRUSDR - 1.11


      The actual readings from the BMC console now are:

      BIOS ID :SE5C600.86B.02.03.0003.041920141333
      BMC FW Rev :01.21.6580
      Boot FW Rev :01.17
      SDR Package Version :SDR Package 1.11
      Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :


      After the update the FANs are operating in full speed, ~8200RPM, and the server is extremely noisy. At the Sensor Readings of the BMC console it reports:

      BMC FW Healthsensor has failed and may not be providing a valid readingWarning0x0010

      I have attached the DebugLogs and the SELLOG


      What I have done already:

      Shutdown the server, remove both power cords for 30 seconds and the power on

      Load BIOS defaults

      Updated again the FRUSDR using the "FRUSDR.nsh" command and it was successful

      Updated the BIOS again, successful


      Please for your suggestions!




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          I checked the SEL log file you sent and I noticed that it is showing errors for the Chassis intrusion switch.


          This entry will make the fans to run at full speed. I would recommend making sure that the side cover is in place properly. If the issue remains, I would recommend gathering a new set of logs with our Intel System Information Retrieval Utility.

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            Hi David


            first of all thank you for the prompt reply. I removed and paced back again the cover as you suggested, but it didn't solved the problem. Actually I haven't opened the cover before or after the firmware update. I run the Intel System Information Retrieve Utility and indeed it was very helpful. The problem appeared at the first lines of the log:


            BIOS Version....... SE5C600.86B.02.03.0003

            BMC Firmware Version:

               Op Code....... 1.21.6580

               Boot Code.............. 01.17

            ME Firmware Version:

               Boot Code:

               ME Health Status: CORRUPTED OR INACCESSIBLE DATA

            SDR Version:

               SDR version: SDR Package 1.11


            I updated the ME firmware from the EFI shell and the problem instantly solved. All sensors are reporting successfully and the FANs are operating at 1716 RPM completely silently.

            So the ME firmware corruption is not reported at the Intel®Active System Console not even at the integrated bmc web console, but only running the Intel System Information Retrieve Utility.


            Thank you for your extra fast ant accurate assistance