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    W2600CR Bios Issue (Fans runs @ Max)


      We purchased 8 W2600CR servers around end of November 2014.


      We built and config'd 5 of them then updated bios to make fans runs quite all work well.


      Now over the last week we have completed the last three but this time when we updated the bios (using the same files and usb as the first five) the case & psu fans run at max.


      Now we have cross referenced the bios settings between them and set bios to default on the two to no avail.


      We are running on bios ver 02.01.0002 we have even tried the new 0003 with no change.


      We have followed the "Server fans at full or loud" kb again no change.


      We are at a lost what to try next.


      Anyone have an idea what the issue is or could be any help greatly appreciated.


      PBA G21602-307



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          What is the current state of the status LED of the board? Could you please confirm the model of the chassis is being used?


          Remember to properly close the side cover of your chassis as this might cause the fan to run at full speed.


          If all the settings are the same, the chassis is the same, and the updates were run in the same order as far as the FRU/SDR selections; then, I would suggest opening a case with our Intel Customer Support team to gather the logs of the systems and find out what is causing the fans to run at full speed.

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            Hi David,


            Thanks for your reply,


            We have a single green led once machine has booted to windows & using the P4000ip chassis


            bios was updated using the windows one boot flash util.


            Thing is when you update the bios the fans die down after the BMC stage then ramp back up after about 5 seconds.



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              Were you able to check if the side cover is properly mounted?  I would probably try the EFI update instead to see if it has the same effect.


              If the fans are able to run slow during the BMC update, it is a good sign that the unit should be able to control the fans. You may find the EFI package here. Make sure to select option#3 for the FRUSDR. 


              If the issue remains, I would recommend gathering a set of logs with our Intel System Information Retrieval Utility.

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                Hi David,


                Thanks for your help on this, issue seemed to be the side panel it seemed not to be fitting properly in the top corner think it was not pushing in the chassis intrusion switch.


                refitted and all is fine now.


                Again thanks for your help on this.