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    Intel 7260 Fails Installation .Net Error Windows 8.1


      Trying to get all my drives / firmware up to latest and greatest to root cause a Wireless performance issue.  I moved to 50Mb Internet service and wired I get 50Mb.. wireless I get 6Mb.


      I have a thread on Linksys site on the topic  Re: Linksys TP-Link Wireless Router Performance I... - Linksys Community   but the next piece of the puzzle is to validate that the drivers and firmware are fully updated such that I can start to analize the performance issue.



      Issue:  Intel driver Update Utility version detects that my Dell Latitude E7440  running driver the driver downloads but crashes during the "setup" run.  Download   which is download of "Wireless_17.1.0_s64.exe"


      I am not a programmer... but tried to let it run debugger and save some basic output of what it dumped.








      1) Can someone direct me to what the issue is with the driver installation?

      2) Can I just unpack the file and point to driver files directly?  (I unzip it and it is not something that unpacked with any files I could use to let windows point to)