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    Saving data to onboard micro-sd


      Hi, I am new in Galileo gen2

      I try to read the sensor data from analog pin, and want to save it to the onboard micro-sd, is that possible? or I need to use an external sd shield?

      I use 1.5.3-intel.1.0.4 arduino for galileo on os x 10.10.1

      it always compile error like:

      Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.22.02 PM.png

      avr/io.h: No such file or directory


      Am I using the wrong library? (this is the library that I use for arduino uno)

      if this is a stupid question, please forgive me.

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          Hi =Jack=,


          Yes, it is possible to write on a file in the onboard SD card. Actually the datalogger example does that, it is located under the SD examples. Regarding the error you are getting it seems your IDE is loading the SD library from other version of IDE. I’d suggest you to re-install the Arduino IDE 1.5.3 in a different location where you have installed another Arduino IDE. Also keep in mind that other Arduino IDE versions store libraries and sketches under Documents/Arduino as well as the 1.5.3, so you can try changing the name to that folder to see if he is importing libraries from other IDE. Please try this and let me know if it works.



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            Thank you JPMontero_Intel, the compiling is successful after I rename the original library folder which is use by Arduino

            thank you so much