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    Flashing doesn't erase data


      I'm attempting to clear off the Edison module and start with the clean image but after flashing I still have all my data.


      My Steps:

      1. Connect Edison to computer via USB
      2. Delete all existing files and copy over latest image
      3. Serial SSH into the device
      4. Execute reboot ota


      I know the reboot works because the user is root@edison not my custom name and the password is blank.  However, once I run an ls I see the folders I created before the flash and the data has remained.


      Thoughts on how I can completely flash the device?




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          Hi timrnd


          The reboot ota process will not erase the files in /home/root I suggest you t backup your files and erase them before the re-flashing process.




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            Thank you for the response CMata_Intel.


            What if I wanted the files in /home/root deleted as part of the flashing process?  Is there another command other than reboot ota?   Obviously, I can remove any files manually, but is there no way to restore a clean image?  I did a bunch of trial and error when setting up the module for the first time and I was hoping to go back to a clean (more or less factory) image.

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              When you OTA the only thing, which is preserved is the contents of your /home partition and that's by design as far as I can see in the sources (you can see that yourself if you're up to that - check out the BSP in the Downloads section).


              Everything else (i.e. the actual OS) is rewritten. I think the idea of preserving /home is that you might have some data or configs you've created during tinkering and erasing them during firmware updates (forcing you to back it up first - and imagine if you forgot and that was the only copy) would be too inconvenient. Actually in early images it was rewriting everything and /home preservation appeared later, probably based on the user feedback.


              Be sure if OTA succeeded you have a clean system and if you want to remove any possible root user-level configs, just delete everything under /home/root (but not the /home/root dir itself).