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    UDMA CRC errors


      May I ask a more theoretical question about SSD SMART UDMA CRC errors: Since it's a communication error between SATA controller and the SSD, there are tons of answers on the net that faulty cables are the reason. I assume that faulty controllers on both sides could result in that error as well. But is it possible that an UDMA CRC error hapens with flawless cable, cable contact and controllers? Could software cause such an error when entire hardware is perfectly healthy?


      My SSD has one, but the hardware is most probbly perfect. The reason why I don't believe it's hardware related is the fact that while it happened I burned a dvd without infupdate and rst and all other drivers. I installed the system and suddenly had to do something important. As part of verification of the burn success I also used to check SSD SMART in addition. And there was the CRC rate at 1. All other remained at 0 except for those that increase by nature of couse.