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    Cannot find Intel HD Graphics version


      Hi guys I have been trying to increase my FPS in this game i want to play and the first thing i thought about is to check if my drivers are up to date. My current driver for my graphics card are from 2013 and i want to find out if there is ones from 2014 for my chipset but strangely enough when i open device manager, then the graphics tab, it doesn't say what version my Intel HD chipset is, like it should say Intel HD 2000 or 4000 or whatever so i know which drivers to look for.




      here is a picture of what details i get about my Graphics card on my device manager. Basically the only clue i have i the current driver version but i still can't figure out how to find out if there is a new one. I have tried the Driver Auto Detect software on Intel website but it i remember it didn't work, it just said that it can't find drivers for some reason, but it definitely didn't say that  i am up to date with my current drivers.


      Can anyone help me to find if there is NEW drives for my HD grapics based on the driver version on the picture?