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    Is it possible to use an iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013) as external monitor for Intel NUC


      I bought an intel Nuc ( DC53427HYE) , RAM, SSD etc and now I'm trying to power it on and install Ubuntu. I've connected it to my iMac using a thunderbolt cable. The Nuc seems to get started (I get the blue light) but I can't get into the target mode. I press CMD + F2 but it does nothing. If I connect a macbookbook with the iMac though thunderbolt  when I press cmd + f2 it works (the macbook stuff is displayed on the iMac monitor). Is there any solution for this? Does anyone knows if the issue is only on boot (i.e. until I install an OS) or if the Nuc simply doesn't work with iMac monitors ? It's kinda odd because I bought the Nuc model with the thunderbolt port exactly for this reason to avoid buying another monitor.