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    Intel HD 4600 on i74790k will not display video over HDMI.


      This weekend I put together a build consisting of an Asus Gryphon Z97 and the i7-4790k.  Everything seemed to be working fine until I tried testing out the HDMI output.  Whatever I do, I cannot get a signal over HDMI.  The DVI out works fine as this was the connection I used to my monitor while I was installing Windows 8.1.  I tried connecting the HDMI to my Denon receiver and the DVI to the monitor at the same time.  When I do this, the signal over DVI flashes as it keeps trying to recognize the display that is connected to the HDMI port.  If I navigate to the display settings I can see that it registers the Denon as a display, but then it goes away when it flashes again.  While the HDMI is connected, it just keeps flashing over DVI.  I have also tried connecting with multiple different cable, directly to the monitor and directly to the television.


      I have tried the following intel drivers: - original install from windows update - from asus - from intel - from asus - from intel


      I installed the latest version of the bios right away before installing windows.  I have gone into the bios to dedicate 512MB memory to video and to set the iGPU as the primary display device.  Nothing has helped.  I did notice that the Asus UEFI bios says that it is giving 0 volts to the iGPU.  This was the default setting and from what I can tell this is normal, I didn't try messing with it.


      At this point I am thinking that either the motherboard or the CPU needs to be RMA'd.


      Does anyone have any insight as to which piece of hardware would most likely be the culprit?  Any other suggestions that I haven't tried?  Yes, all of my cables are high speed.