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    Intel HD 4000 freezes computer


      hello, (sorry for double posting, but its not even possible for me to find that thread again....what kinda strange forum is this ?)


      i am having a problem.



      asrock h77 pro4 mvp


      completly fresh installed pc with all up to date drivers or the latest from the asrock page. i to installed the newest intel hd4000 driver, but with no effect at all. it seems that it doesnt matter what kind of game i play. i tried heroes of the storm, minecraft and league of legends. everytime the pc freezes and i need reset it the hard way...

      i have red the whole thread here and did everything ppl here did to solve the problem, nothing helped. i already contacted the asrock support yesterday, so i need to wait to get an answer, if i get one. at least its so dam hard annoying i cant do anything which needs 3d.... i had another board before the asrock, asus p8 z77-v and all worked fine....i then switched to the asrock (cause i somehow broke the asus) and nothing is working regarding 3d


      and here is the dxdiag...