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    Atom and Quark - Collaboration?


      I seem to fundamentally misunderstand some aspects of the Intel Edison, so I humbly ask for clarification


      According to the spec sheet, two CPUs are on the Edison:

      • Atom: Hosting a regular Microprocessor-based PC, running Linux
      • Quark: Seems to be a Microcontroller the like of an Arduino


      But then I find this paper: IoT - Efficient communication between Arduino* and Linux native processes | Intel® Developer Zone which explains that the Arduino part of the Edison is a process running under Linux. So it seems to me that the "Arduino" runs on the Atom, and not on the Quark processor.


      Hence my questions:

      • What is the Quark processor here for?
      • Which ones of the GPIO ports (Digital, Analog, UART, I2C, I2S, SPI etc.) are connected to the Atom, which ones to the Quark? Or can they be rerouted at will?
      • How can Atom and Quark communicate?
      • How much RAM and Flash does the Quark processor have? I only found numbers that seem to apply for the Atom (1GB, 4GB).
      • How do I program the Quark in the first place? Apparently not with the Arduino IDE.


      The idea of a dual-purpose device seems very appealing to me. Say for a Multicopter controller, one could use the Quark to do all of the realtime guidance, motor control, sensor reading etc, and the Atom for controlling flashy LEDs, reading out the RF receiver, controlling a camera etc.


      Or am I completely missing the point?