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    Reason to own...


      I have been looking at single-computer boards for just over a year now, and still have not made a purchase. Though, I do have interest in the Intel Edison, I am wondering how I can find out if its worth the buy for myself...


      I want a device that I can use as a web server development environment, or potentially a Flight Controller for a quadcopter, or just something I can use to educate myself with... Would the Intel Edison be a good buy or should I be looking in the direction of a Raspberry Pi?

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          Frederick Blais

          It depends. I started with microcontrollers a couple years ago and most of my projects are simple enough to be done with them. I wanted to go a bit further and remotely control stuff over the internet, the Raspberry Pi has been perfect for that. I realized that I never used the screen/keyboard/mouse and always did my development over ssh. Later, I heard about the Edison and decided to give it a shot. I'm perfectly happy with my purchase.


          If I were you though, maybe I would try the Raspberry Pi first (if you prefer simplicity). You will find a lot of documentation, tutorials and projects for it. Almost everything has already been done on that platform. The price is really good too.


          The Edison is a recent product and most of the projects you will want to do on it will probably need a bit more work to get going. I feel I learn more on the Edison because I have to really know what I'm doing to get stuff to work instead of just following steps of some tutorials.