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    Intel integrated graphics has stopped working


      For some reason, the graphics output from the Integrated Graphics has just stopped working on my desktop machine.

      This was working correctly without incident for over a year now, but has suddenly stopped working.


      I have 2 monitors connected, one to the HDMI and the other to the DVI.


      Now there seems to be no display (over either HDMI or DVI) when the intel driver is loaded just prior the windows logon (the boot and windows starting display correctly).

      Rebooting into Safe Mode displays correctly, as does reverting the driver to the normal Windows VGA one and rebooting,

      but reinstalling to the latest Intel HD driver from the Asus site ( exhibits the same issue.


      Reinstalling an older version of this driver didn't seem to work either (, but updating this older one again to did work again for a little while, until another reboot,

      and then it stopped working again.


      The annoying thing is that nothing on my system has been changed to cause this to stop working - same monitors/cables/OS etc.



      Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

      Processor: Core i7-3770K 3.4GHz (Gen 3)

      OS: Windows 7 64bit


      Any help appreciated.

      - Paul