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    MPX-3132 not works on D54250WYK


      Hi all!

      I try to create NAS with SATA 5 port multiplier (like this: 1 to 5 SATA 2 0 Port Multiplier Card 3Gbps SATAII Riser Card | eBay), but it not works as multiplier in Ubuntu on SATA interface of D54250WYKH (visible only 1 SATA HDD). It works fine with MPX-3132 extension board on SiliconImage 3132, but on my D54250WYKH board MPX-3132 not recoginzed - in BIOS I don't see device in MiniPCIe slot, no SATA drives found, and it's not working with last BIOS (033) too.

      Is anyone able to run MPX-3132 or may be other MiniPCIe SATA board with support of port multiplier?