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    Does 82599 support configuring multiple VLANs on a VF?




      I started working on Intel 82599 and as a initial step trying to test VLAN configuration on VFs.

      I see it only allowing to configure one VLAN per VF. I used following command to configure VLAN 25 for VF0 of port1 (eth2) on my 82599 device.

      # ip link set eth2 vf 0 vlan 25

      When I try to add one more VLAN 28 using "ip link set rename19 vf 0 vlan 28", I observed it overridden previous VLAN configuration and now the VF is part of VLAN 28 only.

      Could you please suggest if we can configure multiple VLANs on a VF; if so, please suggest the necessary configuration.


      Thanks in advance.


      Note: As it is just experiment, I am trying to use VFs on host itself. I am not assigning these VFs to VMs.