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    Intel XTU will Stress Test my i7-4790k with no problems but causes a reboot within 2-4 seconds when I click on the "Benchmark" button. Prime95 causes the same problem.


      New build. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK  latest BIOS, F6, with all settings at "Auto" except for the CPU_OPT which is running my liquid cooler pump (Corsair H105).


      16 gbytes of Kingston HyperX memory that will run memtest86 v5.01 for hours with no problems.


      Build is running WIndows 8.1 Pro, and is stable except for the XTU Benchmark and Prime95 problem.


      Downloaded and ran the latest 64 bit Intel Diagnostic Processor tool and everything passed with no problems. I've run the Stress test portion of the XTU for a half hour or so with no problems and core temps at about 60 degC.


      But Prime95 and the Benchmark portion of the XTU cause a reboot within 2-4 seconds.


      Anyone have a clue as to what I can tweak to make this go away?