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    About the bend pin of the 2011-v3 socket. Need help


      I found a bend pin of the 2011-v3 socket on my X99.

      I consulted the relevant document and found that the bend pin is corresponding to the BK58 (QPI0_CLKRX_DP).


      The Description of QPI{0/1}_CLKRX_DN/DP is as following:

      Reference Clock Differential Input. These pins provide the PLL reference clock differential input. 100 MHz typical.


      The bend pin is very close to the BM58 (QPI0_CLKRX_DN), probably a short circuit.


      My questions:

      Is there no QPI signals input or output for a i7 5960X CPU?

      If i am right, does it mean the bend pin has no damage to my system?