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    Hint on Flashing Edison (wired) - Linux




      referring to excellent guide on "Flashing Edison (wired) - Linux" by sjaworski at https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-23200


      I can not flash my newly acquired Edison board to latest image as mentioned in the guide.

      After following all the steps carefully without any success, I have noticed following discrepancy:


      on a new Terminal window

      Type lsusb

      go through the list and locate the Edison board mentioned against Intel Corp.

      ID will mention VID as 8087 and PID as 0a9e (or may be a different PID value)


      This need to be corrected in "flashall.sh" file in Edison drive.


      open flashall.sh and verify USB_PID value.

      in the "flashall.sh" it will be USB_PID=0a99


      Replace this with PID value found using 'lsusb' command previously.


      In my case

      USB_PID=0a99 requires changed to USB_PID=0a9e in "flashall.sh" file in Edison drive


      After doing this I can flash my Edison board to latest image as mentioned in DOC-23200


      Hope this may help a new user like me.

      (I am running ubuntu 14.04 LTS - 64bit)