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    Why does plugging NUC into BluRay kill visual output?



      I have a NUC DC3217IYE which ran Win 7 and Kodi/XBMC on, and have done so for around a year. 


      I have it connected to my TV via HDMI and everything is fine, except the sound is a bit soft.  Note sound runs from TV to Home Theater System via optical cable.


      My old all in one Home Theater/DVD player gave up the ghost yesterday (at least 10 years old so I can't complain).  Money is a bit tight so I went for an LG BH7540TW, which on the whole is very good, nice sound and so on.  I particularly liked the idea of the two HDMI in slots.


      However, whenever I plug my NUC into it (twice now), something happens to it and no matter what I then plug the NUC it into I don't get anything on the screen (some displays show windows boot screen others show blank the entire time).  I can get the F2 Bios screen up on an old and cheap LCD TV, but not on the Main TV (it is just blank).  However if I press any keys on the keyboard I do get some sort of beeping noise which sounds a little like the noise you get when you click the mouse or press a key that isn't in the right place (if that makes sense).


      I wanted to run it through the new BluRay to make it wife friendly, otherwise it is too many AV with AV options, and hopefully get better sound.


      Other info

      • I have tried different HDMI cables, ports and TV's.
      • Have a Satelitte box running into one of the BluRay HDMI in slots without an issue (I have swapped them to see it that makes a difference)
      • The only way I could get the NUC to work again was to install the OS, I used this as an excuse to upgrade to Win 8.1.
      • Before I plugged the Win 8.1 version in I updated everything (drivers, software...) for Microsoft and Intel using the various updaters.


      Questions are:

      1. Why is this happening?
      2. How can I get video back without doing a reinstall of an OS?
      3. Can I get the NUC to work through the BluRay?


      Let me know if I have left any pertinent info out, I have basically been tinkering with this for the past 9 hours so (just) a little brain dead.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi CityZen,


          Let me help you with this.


          Please note that using the Blu-Ray between the TV and the NUC is similar as using a video converter/adapter. This can cause loss of information when sending the signal causing a black screen or no post at all.


          My recommendation is to update the BIOS of the NUC to latest. Here you have the link:



          In the case you have a much older version, please go updating it one by one if possible so you don’t brick the chipset. Here you can get more BIOS versions:



          I would also like to know what happens if you connect the NUC directly to the TV? Perhaps updating the Blu-Ray firmware do the trick.


          Kevin m 

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            Thanks for responding Kevin

            I did the update to 055 (was at 048).  This was the result, and the order I did it.


            Update done on Cheap TV/Monitor (Kogan) - after reboot Windows boot logo to no video

            Through Main LG TV - Video and Audio (audio through TV not through Optic to Blu-Ray) cable swap to

            Through LG Blu-Ray - No Video, but sound through Blu-Ray; cable swap to

            Main TV - No Video or Sound.  Restart See nothing but the TV is detecting something as it isn't giving the no signal notice

            Through  - Win Boot Screen, then no Video

            Through Second Smaller LG TV (baby brother to main one) - Video and Audio.

            Back to Blu-Ray - No Video or Sound swap plugs to

            Back to main LG - No Video or Sound

            Back to Kogan - Video and sound

            Back to main LG - Video and Sound (through TV)


            So something is happening when it connects to the Blu-Ray that is (maybe) affecting the settings.


            Blu-Ray has a manufacturing date of October 2014 (so very new), and  the Firmware is up to date.


            I can't see a reason (anywhere) why it won't work through the Blu-Ray.  What can I try next?

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              Ok I have made progress of sorts.

              I managed to get the display up by fiddling with the Hz.  Was working with two displays to get it to work - TV (Kogan) and the BRay. 


              A few lingering problems:

              - While both plugged in sound pumps through the Kogan.

              - When I unplug the Kogan, Video disappears through the BRay, but sound is then going through the BRay.

              - The Win+P key combination will only work with Extend and Second Display options. PC only and Duplicate have blank screens all around.

              - Through the control panel the Identify Display option (where it shows a 1 or 2 up) is wrong.  The photo I took with my phone (link below I hope) is of the Kogan Screen, which is Screen 2 on the drop down menu, but is being identified as 1.



              On the plus side when I plug the Kogan back it I get both displays back, which wasn't happening before.


              It is very close (I think) but I scrapped the bottom of the barrel for my knowledge a couple of days back.


              Can anyone suggest where/what next?

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                If possible try to boot from an Ubuntu 14.10 iso and see if you get the same behaviour there (because then you could nail it down to if its hardware related or if it is software/driver related)?

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                  Sorry for the delay, school holidays so a lot happening with the kids.


                  Booted to Ubuntu 14.10 had the BluRay connected at the same time as the Kogan.  BluRay wasn't showing initially, but clicked something on the display settings and they both popped up - side note Ubuntu detected the BluRay as LG 32". 


                  I disconnected the Kogan, and the display stayed up on the BluRay output.  I cued up a Youtube Video, but there was no sound.  Clicked the sound settings link in the top menu bar, and screen immediately went blank but sound started.


                  Rebooting couldn't get the display to show on the BluRay output.


                  Hope this helps.