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    Serial LCD (Grove Starter Kit) with Hardware Uart




      I just wanted to give you the link to my adapted Serial LCD Arduino library for use in conjuction with the serial LCD module (Seeed Grove Starter Kit v1.0).


      In case you don't want to use soft uart, which currently doesn't work, you can use my library. It's a draft version, and I just made some prelimary testing, to see if the initialization is working and I can display a text on the display.


      I tested it together with the Edison and the Arduino breakout-board.


      The LCD module was connected to the digital output pins 0(RX),1(TX) of the breakout-board.


      Here is the link to my git repository:


      Soily/HardSerialLCDv1.0 · GitHub


      Please let me know if you have troubles to get it working.