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    Interfacing Lepton thermal camera with Galileo



      I ma trying to interface a Lepton thermal camera with a Galileo module. Because of the low SPI clock frequency i am not able to extract the data continuously from the Lepton. I went a through a discussion in Intel community and they have provided a method to increase the SPI clock to 8.33 Mhz, 12.5Mhz and 25 Mhz. However i want the SPI clock to be around 20 Mhz to get the data reliably from the Lepton module.

      when i went through the SPI.cpp in the aurdino IDE for Galileo, there is a definition for default frequency


      #define SPI_CLK_DEFAULT_HZ 4000000

      If i change this to

      #define SPI_CLK_DEFAULT_HZ 20000000

      and use SPI_CLOCK_DIV4 will Galileo be able to generate 20 Mhz clock ?