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    Upgrade Motherboard


      For, motherboard D102GGC2, should I upgrade the memory to the 2GB before looking to a different cpu?

      Any suggestions for cpu , am not vary computer smart.


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          son requisitos de hardware que necesita la nueva pc para que funcione bien.

          por los recursos que consume

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            Hi Lcb,


            Here you can find the compatible processors for your motherboard:



            On the other hand, here you will find the compatible memory that can be used with this system:



            It is important to say that the part numbers listed on both links are parts that have been previously tested. If you find different hardware you can try but we do not guarantee it will work with the computer.


            If you are looking forward improving the system performance, I personally would go for replacing the processor. In the case you would like to upgrade your system, here you have a link where you can find different parts:



            Kevin M

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              Thanks, Kevin

              Found a Intel Pentium 4 661 processor and two sticks of 1GB memory will see if this can put some new life in this old machine.



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                Will I have to update bios after making these changes?



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                  BIOS updates are required when important changes have been included so you can read the BIOS release notes for fixes but updating the BIOS after doing these changes is not necessary.


                  Kevin M

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                    Thanks Kevin,

                    Put in the new processor, the two sticks or 1Gb memory and turned on the machine, ignored a couple of windows warning about "logo testing" , rebooted and

                    it is working great for an old machine!


                    One more question: Would like to try a ATI 109 40100-00 graphic card (don't know if this would be an improvement or not) but I don"t find any where in the BIOS

                    to disable the onboard graphics. What happens if I just plug it into the PCI slot?



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                      This is a mature motherboard now so if you connect the Video Card, the Onboard graphics will be disabled automatically and the Discrete card will work as primary.


                      Kevin M

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                        You mean that you can not find it in the official website or the internet? If you want to update it not by downloading on the internet, you need a driver tool.

                        Here is how to handle your issues by yourself:

                        Step 1.

                        Enter the exact model number of the device in the search box and click the "submit".

                        Step 2.

                        Select the OS of your computer. (windows 7, windows 8, windows xp, vista) Press the next button.

                        Step 3.

                        The software and drivers are compatible with what you have typed will show on the screen.

                        Step 4.

                        Select the the driver you need and click "download".

                        Step 5.

                        Save the file (exe.) and double-click the driver file to install it.

                        Step 6.

                        Reboot the computer after the installation.

                        If this method could not help you, you can click here.

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