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    Fix Display Power Saving Technology


      Hi all:

           I purchased my laptop two months ago and realized today that the battery was in the whole time, even though I used the laptop as a desktop replacement and had it plugged into AC. I shut down the laptop and took out the battery, then restarted the laptop. Then I noticed something I have never seen before: the display changes brightness in response to what content I am displaying. I found this very annoying since the response time is quite slow and the monitor would be extremely dim for a few seconds. I initially thought this was the "adaptive brightness" from windows. After playing with those setting and see no result, I did more research and found that it was Intel graphic's "Display Power Saving Technology". Following steps provided online to try to turn it off, I found that this setting can not be changed when using AC power. The option only appears under "on battery" and has no effect when I am using AC only. One interesting thing is that "Display Power Saving Technology" was enabled for "on battery" but had no effect when I used both battery and AC. I hope this will be fixed in the future so users can configure screen brightness correctly.

           Sorry for any grammatical mistakes as I am not a native speaker.