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    Experiencing terrible screen tearing with video in desktop mode - D54250WYKH




      I mainly use my Intel Nuc D54250WYKH(Win 7,  4Gb ram) with XBMC/Kodi and I've got everything working perfectly together with my Denon X4100W receiver, no tear issues and everything works great.


      However, every type of video I play outside of Kodi suffers from terrible screen tear. It doesn't matter if the video is played in flash, HTML5(Youtube), silverlight(Viaplay.se) or with another standalone player(VLC, MPC-HC), everything looks horrible.


      Things I've tried:

      - Different browsers, Firefox and Chrome - This shouldn't matter since MKVs played in MPC-HC are also suffering.

      - Different resolution and refresh rate.

      - Different drivers (maybe not all of course).

      - Update Bios


      I've set Vertical sync to either driver or application controlled, but none makes a difference(weird that you find it under "3D settings, I want to force it to use vertical sync on desktop mode also).


      I am using the latest driver, anyone have any idea on how to force vertical sync to work in desktop mode all the time? Or maybe if there is something else I can try?