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    DH61AG , please help resurrecting video output back to IO-panel

    Peter Sys


      please help me to redirect the video outpt to the ports located on the IO-shield.

      A year ago I have had messed up , playing with settings related to the default video output.

      If I remember right it was the LVDS-port I have had set to default.

      I have no video output anymore with the regular display(VGA,DVI,HDMI).

      After powering up I can see activity on the led's and an inserted USB-stick.

      As of the the time the working BIOS  was 00104.


      Board ID: BTYG23100RFX AA G23736-504

      CPU:Core i3 3225 resp Core i3 2100


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Peter Sys, thanks for joining the Graphics community.


          I would like to get some additional information from your system configuration.


          Which is the current BIOS version on your board?

          Are you using a video card?

          Are you planning to have dual display or do you want to use a different video port instead of LDVS?





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            Peter Sys


            I got it.

            With the hlp of HPUSBFormat and the itoolkit.exe taken from the Intel Integrator Toolkit I'v made a bootable -stick with this autoexec.bat


            @echo off

            itoolkit -remove -reboot



            Testet this boot file with a DH61DL and it seems to be ok.

            But it did not work this way with the DH61AG.


            Plan B:

            Switch over to the blind configuration within config-mode.

            Power off the board, remove the power-cord

            Switch the jumper on the board to 2-3 position to enter the config-mode.

            power on, wait a moment after the Pom-Pom-sound is over

            The board will enter the confiuration-menu automatically


            hit the arrow right-key two times

            hit the arrow down-key three times

            hit the Enter-key

            hit the F9-key

            hit the Y-key (think of the default american keyboard layout!) means hit the z-key with the german keyboard

            hit the F10-key

            hit the Y-key again


            wait a moment,

            power off, switch back the config jumper to 1-2 (normal mode)


            power on the board

            the Intel logo should appear shortly

            and hit asap F2-key to enter the menu

            go to the video->LVDS-config menu and disable the settings for any of those connected display.

            Hit F10 key and leave the setup with saving the recently made settings.



            Additionally I made the blue DVI-port the default videoport.