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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 drivers causing calibration and blue hue display issues on HP DV 7T-7000 AFTER System Restore


      Have owned this laptop 2 years as of last month, with no display calibration issues of any kind right out of the box.  Run Adobe applications daily.  Just had to do a System Recovery to original factory settings due to another issue (Recovery obtained from HP hard drive partition).


      System recovered perfectly and many updated drivers began loading including Intel.  Computer restarted and as soon as rebooted immediately saw the blue hue on screen and also Aero Task Tray color changed from black to blue.  Tried to recalibrate display and of course new settings do not hold.


      Point I'm trying to make is that color calibration was perfect out of the box for 2 years but any slight tweaks would hold.  Now calibration doesn't hold.


      Have been researching this issue for over a week on intel forums, internet sites, etc.  Of course laptop is just now out of warranty.  Very frustrated and need to get all Adobe software back up and running for business.  Until corrected this platform is unusable for business purposes and ironically blue is NOT my favorite color.


      Any assistance for correcting this issue would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,