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    D34010WYK1 Intermittent Slow Boot Ups




      Running the D34010 as an htpc with windows 8.1 and a 120gb Kingston ssd hard drive, 4gb ram. This machine is not used for anything else except to run Kodi (xbmc).


      When I power on the NUC from complete off state,  some times it takes just a few seconds to load into Windows,  other times it takes 3-5 minutes just hanging in the Intel Logo screen before windows loads.


      The issue is random. I disabled boot from network in the BIOS screen to see if that would help but it hasn't. I also updated to latest Bios (33) and that hasn't helped either,  still intermittent slow boots.


      I would really appreciate some help as I want this to start quickly since it's only use is as an HTPC.