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    Computer can't detect graphics card... Even when using Device Manager


           Hi, when I use device manager to see what type of graphics/video card I have, all it says is "Standard VGA Adapter". It's come to my attention that when the computer states this, in many situations, it's because the computer isn't detecting the card or the drivers aren't installed right. I tried the "Intel Driver Update Utility" but when it scanned, there weren't any drivers that needed downloading. Also, when i went to device manager to update the drive through Windows, it too said all the necessary drivers were already installed correctly. If it helps, I tested this out a bit and found out that a lot of games and programs weren't able to run because the graphics card wasn't good enough *Needed Upgrade*. I know this is probably an issur with the driver or controller because when I right click desktop, I don't get the "Graphics Properties" option.  Here is a short description on my computer.


      Computer Specs:

      Computer Model: Acer Aspire E1-510-2683

      System Type: Was 64-bit  Windows 8.1 when bought but then downgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Processor: Intel Celeron Processor N2820 2.17 GHz (Dual-Core)

      RAM: 2Gb Ram (1.89 Gb accessible)

      Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics (Exact model wasn't specified in website)


      Here is a link to a more specified description:



      I just need to know if anyone can help me understand this issue and fix it (Hopefully).


      Thanks a lot in advance and happy New Year!