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    Intel AC7265 cannot see D-Link DIR-625 (Windows 8.1)


      2 new laptops both with AC7265 adapters. My wireless router, a d-Link DIR-625 is not shown in the list of available wireless connections on either laptop. Many other connections are showing as being available, but not my home router. I am a networking novice but here is what I have tried already:


      • Confirmed latest adapter driver is installed (
      • Confirmed router compatibility with Windows 8.1  per Microsoft site.
      • Confirmed other devices (so far android tablets, Windows 7 and Windows XP) can see and connect to router
      • Confirmed latest firmware is installed in router.
      • Notebook distance from router does not help
      • I've power cycled router, reset router to factory defaults, removed router security
      • I've rebooted notebook after each change.
      • Confirmed router is set to "visible"


      Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. Would hate to have to send these notebooks back.