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    edison sdk questions


      i like the base idea behind yocto (create device images) but i dont like to build a linux distribution from scratch based on my current knowledge i rely on other people who are experienced enough to be able to write working recipes

      the bsp user guide #3.4 "write a yocto recipe from scratch" is nice but only for a simple app like hello

      "As the hello_world project makes use of the autotools, it is enough to inherit the autotool yocto class to tell bitbake how to configure and build the project"

      well, i dont know how i could find out if an app use autotools or whatever and that is only a simple hello world app...

      i tried to create my own recipe for postfix and failed (in the past i never had to compile postfix by myself) and gave up based on the "existing" documentation


      i am really willing to learn but without enough documentation to understand how i am able to write recipes for "complicated" apps like for example mysql or postfix is currently the biggest negative point (and i thought yocto makes my life much easier....) to use edison and yocto/poky


      the good thing is i found openembedded.org with many available recipes

      i started to clone the git repo and added meta-openembedded.org/meta-oe to my bblayers.conf and was happy to have a working mysql/mariadb afterwards

      because i need also postfix and other useful apps i also added meta-openembedded.org/meta-python and meta-openembedded.org/meta-networking

      but i was not able to use it (bitbake postfix for example), looks like openembedded works with dizzy and edison's sdk with daisy :-(


      so it seems now i need to learn how i can update/upgrade edison's sdk from daisy to dizzy?

      to simply replace the poky dir does not work (watchdog-sample for example is not happy...)