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    ixgbe 3.21.2 driver for 82599


      We are trying to upgrade the NIC ixgbe driver to 3.21.2. I noticed that setting of unicast filtering table (ixgbe_set_uta) to all 1s has been removed. This breaks one of the features on the product. We have a VF that needs to be setup in L2 mode to do L2 switching in software and needs to be in promiscuous mode. It is setup / enabled with AUPE and ROPE bits in VMOLR.  I would like to know the implications if this is conditionally brought back that is set UTA table to 1s when the VF is configured in promiscuous mode (L2 mode) and clear it when VF is disable.  Also would like to understand reasoning behind removal of the setting of uta to all 1s.

      Thanks in advance.