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    Intel 7260 HMWG.R WiFi Wireless-AC 7260 card not working properly


      I just got the card and put it in my desktop system. I have an ASUS ROG board (Maximus VI Gene)and am using the mPCIe Combo II card to mount my Intel card.


      Combo II.JPG

      First things first: the antenna connector for #2 has no gold circle around it, so I can't attach an antenna connection to it. I do have a connection to #1.


      My second problem (well, maybe not problem) is that when I run the Intel Driver Update Utility 2.0 it only sees the WiFi portion of the card, and offers drivers which are not quite the latest (I have 17.13.11 installed). It does not offer a Bluetooth driver.


      I installed the latest Bluetooth driver (17.1.1409.01) manually. My Device Manager has the following:


      Finally, I cannot get the system to see my Bluetooth headsets. They work fine with my Windows 8.1 tablet.


      Any ideas what I can do to get it working? Also, is there any chance Intel will replace the card since I can't connect an antenna to connector 2?


      Thanks for any help.