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    LAN port in Team and Switch


      I've due lan port in team (Adaptive Load Balancing). My question is: the port on switch must have trunk enabled?

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          I've used Static Link Aggregation with HP ProCurve unmanaged switches and successfully linked at 2 - 4 Gbps. I've never evaluated for dropped frames or errors but it says it's linked at those speeds. Not sure if that answers your question as you didn't communicate as to whether or not you have a managed switch or not.

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            I'm configuring a new server for a client. I'm not sure which kind of switch he has. I''ll go there next week.

            For the moment thanks for you answer

            Just a question. I can configure TCP IP just in the first NIC of my server, not in the second and (above all) Not in the team

            It's normal?

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              If this is a domain server, do not configure a NIC that's in or out of a team and then create or dismantle a team on a server! The act of doing so will lead to all manner of terribleness in ways that it will take you a long time to clean up. The last time I'd seen someone do this, half the server thought the network interface had the IP and the rest of it thought the IP was a self-assigned 169 address.


              If this is a standard file server that's not processing any active directory services then I suppose you could do what you want but it needs to be considered that mucking around with teams is almost like physically swapping network cards without removing the old information.


              You can also create the team but connect it to a single port and it will run at the single port's speed... although I probably wouldn't do this unless I knew for certain if the target switch could support this. Some switches can't handle port aggregation at all and you'll end up with errors.


              If this is a small business server in a single server environment, I'd probably keep each port standalone and configure a multihomed server whereby one port will handle internet connectivity (mostly outgoing, maybe some incoming via RDP) while the other NIC handles network services. If it's a four port server you could theoretically configure different services to bind to different NICs / IPs.

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                When I created the team one NIC was with fixed IP and the second one was not configured. probably for this reason I wasn't able to configure the team.

                Now I have cancelled the team and recreate with both NIC TCP-IP not configured.

                Now I can configure TCP IP for team


                My customer doesn't want multihomed server. In this way it should be work. It's correct?

                (BTW I've a SBS 2003)


                I've not great experience with TEAM. I've used it with DELL PDC Server and HP Procurve 1810G and it works fine.

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                  What is the TEAM setup that you are trying to achieve? In other words, what is the expected configuration on each of the ports that you are trying to use? Which network controller are you using?

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                    I would like to connect the ports to a switch. These ports have to works together as one only port, balancing traffic and if one (for any reason) goes down, the other one mantein server connected to the lan

                    For this reason I've configureted TEAM as "Static Link Aggregation"

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                      Are you using the onboard solution or a discrete card?

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                        The switch is DLINK DES1024D (unmaged)