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    We have C# Running on Intel Edison


      Actually not just C#, but ANY .NET language - VB.NET, F#, etc.

      Using Cosmos (C# Open Source Managed Operating System)


      Attached is a screenshot of our first test kernel. There is still some work to do. Since we have only one serial port we are having to add muxing into our debug protocol to allow a second console to work along with our Visual Studio debug stream and we also are working on auto deployment.


      Within a few weeks you can do in Visual Studio - File, New, Code, Run and you'll be able to set breakpoints, watches, stepping, call tracing etc all from Visual Studio while your code runs on Intel Edison.


      Visual Studio Intel Edison Edition?


      Galileo is possible too depending on user demand and our resources.


      Cosmos compiles IL directly to x86 code. We do not rely on Yocto at all. We use the uboot and it boots directly to Cosmos. Our current footprint is about 4mb (yes, 4mb, not gb) for a basic hello world. This is not optimized though, and we can actually shrink the footprint smaller.


      So, who is interested?