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    Antenna diversity (external directional antenna)




      I am working on a project with intel Edison for which I need to attach external antenna. I have already designed and attached antenna to Intel Edison. The antenna itself is parasitic array based controlled directional antenna(look at attached image).


      I am wondering if the radio onboard intel edison uses Antenna diversity ?


      Even if I change the direction of maximum antenna gain, I see almost the same signal strength. This to me indicates that the radio is using onboard antenna and not the external antenna. This is possible because the external antenna is controllable which means based on orientation of external antenna we might have case where onboard antenna performs better in terms of signal strength of the receiving signal.


      Usually, there is a way to either disable or enable antenna diversity and force the radio driver to use the external antenna only ? Is it possible to do so with Intel Edison and its Wifi driver ?


      Thanks for all the help.