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    Issue with HD 3000 Integrated graphics


      I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s (Type 4401-CTO). Recently, I started having odd display issues. On the built-in display/screen, all is see is a black or white screen, with two horizontal bands, one at the very top and one in the middle of the screen. If I attach to an external display using HDMI, no problem on the external display. Usually, I found that by reinstalling the display drivers, the problem would go away. However, the problem would reappear upon restarting or shutting down the computer, so I would just hibernate computer. If I had to restart for any reason, I would reattach the external display, reinstall the display drivers, directly from Intel, and the problem would be resolved. Any ideas?


      I am running Windows 7 SP1, Home Premium. System is Intel Core i3-2310M, with Intel HD Graphics 3000, and 4 GB of RAM.