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    Rapid Storage Technology interferes with SMART data of hard drives


      I installed Rapid Storage Technology from the motherboard CDROM to solve a problem with wiping (secure erase) a 530 SSD. It fixed the problem, but then I started WD's Lifeguard to verify SMART status of my hard drives. Before RST, all drives, even Intel SSDs, would display SMART status. But after RST, SMART status was replaced by a question mark. I just uninstalled RST and re-verified SMART status via Lifeguard, and all drives report a checkmark as they did before RST.


      Why does RST interfere with SMART data?


      If it matters, my PC is DH67CL, i5-2500K, 530 120 GB, and WD Black 500 GB, running W-7 64-bit. Obviously the 530 is the system drive.


      UPDATE: I reworked the post.