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    large file support for eglibc


      This seems to be a hard one: how to enable large file support (64bit offsets) on eglibc built for 32bit systems (like the i586).


      There is very little information around. I found that there is a DISTRO_FEATURES variable in yocto that accepts

      "largefile" as a parameter. This seems to be already set in the meta-yocto configuration, but the build still has

      off_t as a 32bit int.


      The problem is this: libsndfile 1.0.25 requires this; clanton-full includes this package in the build, but it is broken

      because of this. I tried adding DISTRO_FEATURES += " largefile"  to eglibc, but the SDK still does not support large files.


      I suspect this might not be difficult for anyone to answer, but any hints are very welcome.