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    My NUC D54250WYK will not start


      I have put the machine together as described in the manual but it does not get a picture on the screen. Hear that the computer starts . Have connected it to a Lenovo screen with display port. Any idea ?



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          Perhaps stating the obvious but did you verify that you selected correct input at your monitor (so it doesnt wait for a signal on the DVI instead of the Displayport)?


          Do you perhaps have another device using displayportmini (which the D54250WYK uses) so you can verify the monitor AND cable (that is connect the same cable to this other device and see if you get any picture)?


          Other than that, try to remove harddrive and memory and see if you get a display now?


          Also verify that you didnt shortcircuit the device, the D54250WYK is a barebone but you could still by accident dropped a screw or the antenna-cables isnt properly isolated or such.

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            Hi, thanks for your reply

            I have checked that the screen has the correct source and attempted display port mini. Have now also enhanced to remove both hard disk and memory unsuccessfully. There are no loose screws. Screen responds now I plug it into the computer but that is all. Do not think the computer starts properly.